A Few Words about Photography


What does it mean to live, what does it mean to live? In order to survive, we have to make various decisions every day in order to live with others, we choose one of the many things that come to mind. Life looks like an election. Good or right choices, bad or bad choices. Sometimes we choose something wisely. Sometimes this election is driven by unconscious forces. Sometimes the intellect of man answers under the weight of these choices, but this is another story that we are not concerned with.

Way of Makin a Picture:

Indeed, there are many things we cannot choose. They are over our heads. We cannot choose our parents. We do not choose our shape. They can look good, have modest features, and look ugly. Can be congenitally strong, even weak. We don’t even choose our own name, although there is so much freedom in this matter that we can change our name when we grow up. And if you really have the right to choose something, except for a few people, no one will die. So where there is freedom, there are also restrictions. Life is full of contradictions.

So, whatever we do, apparently, intentionally, is an election. Through every election, we sometimes, without realizing it, keep revealing what is going on in our minds. In the world of ignorance, elections can also tear you apart. Later it turns out, that you hit the ax on your foot.

Describe a Good Photographer:

After this introduction, we would be right to think that the person who has dedicated himself to photography has chosen a way of life for himself. This election is definite and not temporary, it happens all the time. Seen from this angle, it is not without pleasure to know why such and such a man or woman decided to become a photographer or why he preferred to acquire specialized skills in a particular field of art. Leave it now, but I kept nothing. In the nineteenth century, the art of photography emerged as a substitute for painting. It can also be called a public or democratic change. It didn’t require years of exercise or kneeling in front of a teacher, who would buy a camera and take pictures. Pictures are good or bad, don’t confine it. This is the fulfillment of a hobby.

What Is A Photo Enthusiast:

This art has such depth, subtlety, and variety of echoes that it is impossible to deal with it in a short article. Just these issues can be touched somewhere. Have a little ability to enjoy good photos. So I will only point out a few aspects and do not want to claim that I have looked at this subject closely. Maybe a point worth noting. The target can also square and is more likely.

What Is This Art?

Attempts are being made to capture the reluctant moment, and every photo I look at shows a treasure trove. Sean’s voice is heard. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re doing so poorly. In the photos, you see people you can’t meet again or suffer from such scenes, which will not be seen again. You will also see people whom you do not know, do not even know their names. Those who may have passed away a hundred years ago. There may be scenes that will not be seen before or seen in the future. There are so many types it’s hard to say. Each image conveys a sense of humor or brings to the fore this wonder, color, or terror, which is an integral part of the world. At the same time, the heart feels a great loss, a great distance, and separation.

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