How To Create A Photography Blog


Creating a photography blog can be a great opportunity to show off your photos and explain their contents to net surfers in great detail. All the photographers who hope, that one day enters the business, or just wish fans to think about creating a blog. Not only will this give people easy access to their work, but it will also often encourage them to take new photos.


  • Method 1 Create a photography blog
  • Method 2 Select Photos

Create A Photography Blog:

Think about the reasons that motivate you to create a blog. Do you want to create a professional website for selling photos? Or do you just want to share your accomplishments with others? This will make a huge difference in the overall content of your blog, as there are different types of blogs to suit your needs.

Photography professionals, in general, should think seriously about having their own site (such as to give a good picture of their business. Most blogs like Word Press allow you to create your own website and market your images.

Amateur photographers often find success on large-scale photo-sharing sites. Like Tumblr, where your work is easy to sell to people who share your passion. They are free, easy to create, and manage.

Download 5 To 10 Photos As Soon As You Create Your Site.

This allows people to see, that you have content from the beginning and they will find you to follow your blog. It also gives you a chance to see your model (the style of your blog) go and make the necessary improvements. So that it shows what you want.

After selecting your blog, type “for free photography templates” in the search engine bar, filling in the blanks with WordPress, Tumblr, etc. You can easily use them on your blog, and most are customizable.

Make Your Photos The Center Of Attention.

Your goal is for your fans’ first impressions to relate to your photos, not too long descriptions, titles, or requests to purchase certain works. To get there, you can:

  • Display 4 or 5 images of your choice in photography or in tape format at the top of the screen.
  • Place your recent photos or tickets in the middle of your page.
  • Display a collection of all your tickets on your homepage.

Add Your Most Important Links To Your Page:

Normally, this information can be found in the “About” section, but you can still create a “Contact Me” page on most blog sites like Tumblr. In this case, it is very important, that someone wants to use your copyright or hire your services for a program.

Select Photos:

Choose a theme. Having a theme for your blog makes it easier for people to find it, easier to market it, and significantly increases your chances of success. There are countless photography blogs, but able to tell people how they will view the photos. It will help them find what they are looking for. This means, that your blog will have multiple interests in the content. Topics must not be complicated. Arranging pictures, such as “Landscape”, “Portrait” and “Urban Life”, is better than doing random combinations of photos.


In general, the best cameras capture the best ideas. But, the way you manipulate the device, the light, and your technical vision is more important than your devices. If you’re really afraid your work will be stolen, mark it with a digital tattoo or a small semi-transparent logo before downloading it.

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