How to make most out of your Portrait Photography?

How to make most out of your Portrait Photography?

– Take an honest interest in people

If you are honestly and genuinely interested in the person you are photographing, half the battle is already done, because then you are making an honest connection.

You will find that everyone has something that they are passionate about, that really pulls them under its spell, where their passion is at home. When you find this topic and ask a few questions to make it clear that you are genuinely interested, then the other person will start talking about their passion.

And what do people look like who talk about their greatest passion? Right. The way you like to photograph them.

The better you get at it, the better your portrait photos will be.

– Pay attention to the moments in between

If your subject has a hard time being relaxed and authentic in front of the camera, then don’t force it. Pay more attention to the moments when the camera is not in front of your face.

Have a relaxed conversation and try to be quick enough when a good expression comes up. Which brings us back practicing beforehand, then you’ll be faster when it matters.

When a person that you are working with is relaxed, only then that person will give you an authentic and realistic expressions to you to capture that genuine portrait.

– You are not an entertainer

Please do not tell bad jokes to lighten the mood. I don’t really have more to say about it. Please do not do it. It gives an unprofessional and local vibe to your work.

If you’re funny and you know that, that’s ok. But you don’t have to be compulsively funny. It is more important that you, as a portrait photographer are an interesting conversation partner!

The best approach that you can follow to ease your subject is just to be available for the, listen to what they have to say. Do not make jokes out of it. Sometimes, it is better not to ask for an expression or to “pose”, but to capture the reactions in a conversation.

The reactions given during a conversation are natural, honest, authentic and even if it is not what the person may have expected, experience has shown that in the end it is the pictures that they like best. Because they are so honest and they show how they really are. Being genuine is really important in portrait photography.

Last but not least

If you are already into portrait photography, then you should also print your photos.  You give someone a lot of joy with it and your photos will definitely be much more “valuable” than if they were just saved as a digital file somewhere. In general, people like hardcopies of photos so that they can have tangible memories of something that holds importance for them and that they can stick onto.

I can’t advocate printing photos often enough. Printed photos are understandable, they are attackable, they are much more valuable than a screen on which a few pixels are displayed. Only when you’ve tried it and see people’s reactions to it; especially compared to portraits on screen, will you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Invest in printed photos. No matter whether you have a high-quality book made or buy a printer yourself. If you plan on investing in a good printer, I will highly recommend the Canon Pro-1000 Din A2. It will be the perfect photography partner for you!

Quite a lot to consider? We are far from finished, we could go on here for a very long time. You won’t become a professional with this, but for the beginning it should be more than enough to start and practice with portrait photography. Practice, practice and practice. Call yourself a good portrait photographer after your 1000 portraits. Because before that you are just learning and experiencing.

What are your greatest challenges and experiences in portrait photography? Share them in the comments so that this article and all those who read along can continue to grow.

I hope this article makes it easier for you to get started in one of the most beautiful and exciting genres of photography.


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