The Principle Of Civilization In Photography


The third rule is one of the most important structural guidelines in photography. Using the human eye to draw attention naturally to certain parts of an image. As a photographer, it’s important to make sure your audience is focused on what you want.

Understand the principle of third parties:

The third rule is a fantastic talk-talk board, in which a picture is drawn across, which breaks it into nine equal squares.

These are the four points where these lines follow. They are the strongest focal points. Self is the second strongest center of the lines.

How To Use Principle In Photography?

  • To use the third rule, you must consider all your images on this grid. As you can see in their theory.
  • If you have an autofocus camera, you automatically refer to points to help you see the grid.
  • If you use an LCD screen to sort your photos, you can create a third grid rule out of a clean sheet of window-killing material.
  • With a little practice, you will effectively visualize the grid placement, as if you were shooting.

Which Point To Use?

The topic on which your article keeps you. He values ​​you. While any points and lines will emphasize your topic, some are stronger than others. When one is alone in a picture, the strongest position is the left hand. The exception is for cultures where information is read from right to left. In these cases, the right-hand line will be stronger. When a subject is not alone, the power of the image has an organizational status. The theme in the preview will naturally get more power than the theme in the background. However, the rule of the third-place can emphasize or reduce this power. The bottom sincerity is the strongest for many subjects and the upper left is the weakest.

This theory is often used in movies. In order to reach the emotional dominance of one character in the other. Keeping an eye on a background topic on the left and right articles will confuse the eye and cause confusion in the audience, about which topic is dominant. This technique is very useful for emotionally charged images.

Another general rule is, that your subject should be placed on the opposite line of the direction in which they are looking. For example, if the subject of your picture looks to your left, their body should be placed to the right of the frame. This image gives them more room in the direction in which they are looking and the appearance that they are wandering in space. This rule can be broken under certain circumstances.

The Third Part Of Portraits:

While the best portraits are as simple as centering a torso. They actually overcome the third. In the case of single portraits, the subject’s eyes are placed with the top rule of the third line. In photos with multiple people, faces are placed on the rules both above and below the third lane. So groups in multiple rows are usually more pleasant if they are in a single row.

Zone method of the third principle:

Another way to use the third rule in photography is to divide your scene into fields instead of using grid points. This is another pre-theoretical technique, which may be more useful when creating certain images. Imagine two lines running in your frame, to be divided into three equal parts (or zones). These lines can run horizontally or vertically. When composing, fill each zone with different parts of the overall structure.

For Example:

When shaping the mountain landscape, you can place the tree in the zone above the mountain peak, the lake in the middle zone, and the foreground tree in the area below. Keep in mind that there will be different emphasis on image subjects of different zones. Objects at the bottom of the frame are more influential. For left-to-right readers, they will focus on the right side of the frame. In contrast, the audience that has to read from right to left is true. You can place a prominent subject (for example) by overcoming these key features, where it becomes the focal point (moon example, in the top zone).

Set A Third Time In The Context:

Remember that only one tool photographer is used in the maximum scheme of the structure – the rule of the third or point or zone methods. Use it and be aware of the position of your articles in each image, but don’t worry too much about it. This is just a guide that will help you to create insightful images nor hard and fast rule.

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