Tips for choosing the wedding photographer from a photographer:

Tips for choosing the wedding photographer from a photographer:

First of all – I am not a wedding photographer! Nevertheless, as a photographer who is about to become a customer of a wedding photographer himself, it is important to me to give you a few tips on what to look out for when you meet someone Have the “most beautiful day of your life” photographed.

Of course, the wedding should never be the most beautiful day of your life, otherwise everything would go downhill from there.

But we do not want to discuss this fundamental philosophical question at this point. If it is still important to you, we are welcome to talk about it in the comments.

It is definitely not my intention to step on anyone’s toes with this article. But after following some wedding photographers both online and in real life, many with BE – some with amazement, it is really important to me to share my thoughts and selection criteria with you soon to be married people.

Namely from the point of view of a photographer who is definitely not on the hunt for you and wants you as a customer. Whatever I say of myself definitely has no ulterior motives.

Before we can take care of the details, let’s first assume that you want nice photos of your wedding! If you the quality really does not matter and you really only count the budget, then you first simply can all guests say they like you the photos from their iPhones, compact cameras and SLRs they bring anyway, after the wedding in a Dropbox provide.

It doesn’t cost anything and you have lots of photos from the day.

Win win!

Never without a portfolio

A good wedding photographer has a decent portfolio on their website that gives an overview of the style that awaits you.

You can also ask about entire wedding galleries. I wouldn’t book a wedding photographer without getting a real impression of the photographer’s work. A good wedding photographer is sure to show you one or more galleries of entire weddings. (Edit:  Because that was apparently unclearly formulated – of course that does not mean that your wedding may end up in the Internet without being asked. Which photos or which entire galleries may be shown is still up to the bride and groom to decide. Normally, however, everyone has good wedding photographer at least one – usually several couples – to show the approval of their photos online)

After all, you want to see what your wedding photos could look like as a whole, not just what the photographer’s 10 best photos look like. If he or she has an eye for details and small things, he or she captures moments or just takes technically correct pictures of the day. Do his style, his idea of ​​colors and moods match your ideas? Only when you’ve seen an entire wedding do you really have an idea of ​​what you’re buying.


(Also “natural light photographer” or similar)

If you should read or hear this sentence, in whatever form, somewhere, then my well-intentioned advice is very simple – At least skepticism is appropriate here.

This sentence is almost scary for me.

Because somehow it sounds a little nice. One can quickly get carried away to gain something artistic or profound from it. “I just like it more naturally, I’m not a fan of artificial light”.

I know how many photographers will attack me for these words, but honestly, I’ve been teaching photographers for many years and I’ve heard the story of “natural light is just so much more beautiful” so many times.

No, I have to disappoint you there.

Basically, most of the photographers who call themselves pure available light / natural light photographers say nothing more than “please don’t put me in situations where I have to work with flash, I’m afraid of things”. (Not all of them, just most of them. The others just haven’t thought about it well enough whether it is very smart to market yourself as an “Available Light Photographer” … But that would be a separate article)

It’s not SO incomprehensible, which is why I wrote an article on the subject of lightning fear a long time ago.

As a customer, you don’t necessarily have to read this and know what you really need to know – a photographer actually always prefers natural light.

Sunlight, at the right time when it is beautiful, cannot be struck by any lightning in the world.

But a good wedding photographer knows how to handle light.

Of course, some photographers mainly work with natural light, just as some prefer to work with artificial light. It’s a question of style. But a wedding photographer always prefers natural light, but can also use artificial light in the right places if necessary and does not rule that out from the outset.

In any case, it doesn’t really make sense for a wedding photographer to refer to himself as an available light photographer. If so, at least ask about what’s going on.


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