What do you need to know about the Flash Photography?

What do you need to know about the Flash Photography?

Taking photos with flash is too cumbersome, artificial, complex, unnatural and exhausting. Do you know that?

There are explanations a dime a dozen why photographers; whether hobby, amateur or professional, simply let flash photography stay. Many of them sound so wonderfully logical that you almost want to believe them and yet they are mostly excuses.

Beginners prefer to pick up sentences like “Available light or existing light is much nicer than flash”. The increase in this self-conviction is “Taking photos with flash is not real and I want to be real”.

But the fact is, light is light. No matter if natural or flash light. The question is what do you make of it.

And if you forego using the flash to make your own light, then you are foregoing an essential and great part of all photography. I don’t want to offend anyone with this, I know myself that you want to use flash photography and that you can do that for a very long time. I understand the motivation, I understand the explanations you put together and have used a large part of it myself.

Nevertheless; or perhaps because of it, I would like to pick up on a few points that may hopefully make you rethink. Once you have understood what a flash can do for you and why taking pictures with flash does not have to be unnatural, you will look forward to taking pictures with flash.

The advantages far outweigh the effort involved. As you are about to see.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Why photography with flash is so avoided

First I would like to go into a little more detail about why photographers tend to avoid taking pictures with flash.

Photography is working with light and stories. So why take away such an important element as light that you can design yourself from your own photography?

I now know why.

I have attended a photography masterclass in which a project has been shown to us. The entire project had an impressive imagery, both the reportage images in moving images and photos were impressive, as well as the portraits, which I sometimes assumed were made with flash.

For me, that project was such an inspiration that gave me new ideas.

Immediately after the project and lecture, we were given lecture on “Simple Speedlite”. So my conviction that taking pictures with flash does not have to be difficult, looks natural, but can have a huge effect and makes our life as photographers a lot easier once we master the flash and use it properly.

I asked the mentor if he would work with lightning. And his answer seeps into my head to this day: “No, I spent so much time trying to find the right ambient light for these pictures. Just because I was honestly too lazy to deal properly with Blitz.

I don’t even want to imagine how much easier it would have been with flash and, above all, how much better the pictures would have been because I wouldn’t have been so tied to places with the right light. Thank you for your presentation, I just understood how easy it can be. ”

Because that’s exactly the point. The point is not that taking pictures with flash is in principle the “better way to take pictures”. Not at all. The main thing is that we make ourselves more independent of ambient light and the lighting mood that we would have liked to be able to construct ourselves everywhere.

Is that a “lie”?

Of course not. At least not more than anything else that we do apart from reportage photography. With the exception of reportage; what really counts there, we never only depict what is there, but rather construct an image to show it to the viewer. To show our point of view or to tell a story.

And lightning is an essential tool on the way there.

It doesn’t look “unnatural” when you know what you are doing. On the contrary, well-used flash can look very natural. It saves time, nerves and money, and it gives us considerably more creative freedom.

In conversation with him it became clear to me that he had prepared the same excuses and explanations for himself that I already knew from myself and hundreds of other photographers.

Since then I have been trying to motivate even more photographers to take pictures with flash. Because it really isn’t as hard as you think and because it can help us all so much to take better photos.


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